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Kezuribushi of Nakaya

The concept of blended soup stock is what makes Kanazawa the ultimate taste destination.

The gorgeous Kaga 5 colors Kutani ceramics, and the sturdy and elegant Wajima lacquerware are both integral parts of Kaga cuisine history. For example, a typical Kaga dish, Jibuni, is served in special lacquerware called Jibuwan, a beautifully crafted bowl which enables one to enjoy the dish at ease. Another example is the steamed sea bream, which is served at celebratory occasions, beautifully served on a large Kutani dish. Dried Bonito flakes (Kezuribushi) has not only impressed culinary connoisseurs as a flavor behind the luxurious delicacies worthy of the Kaga's aristocrats , but has also delighted the tastes of the ordinary people as a soup stock for soba restaurants and hot pot restaurants in popular cities. The neighborhood of Asanogawa Higashi Chaya District, which still retains its old-fashioned atmosphere, is lined with restaurants that you can casually visit along with high-end restaurants. If cooking and tableware are art, flakes of dried bonito may be said to be an art form as well. It has played a part in food culture as the best companion for cooking ingredients and as a flower that gracefully decorates the presentation. Although the bonito flakes never takes center stage in a dish, it exists modestly and exudes a presence that cannot be ignored.


All ingredients are locally sourced. We source the ingredients solely from reliable local suppliers who gets their supply from Japanese ships' catch and harvest from the seas of Japan. Since the wood used for smoking is different from those processed overseas, the aroma will inevitably fade. We only purchase items that are of the same size and of high quality. Therefore, there are some items that cannot be purchased in large quantities. The ingredients are shaved to extract the stock, and I always taste test them before purchasing.


At Nakaya Foods, we carry out hygiene management that incorporates the concept of HACCP in line with the guidelines of the Kezuri Nationwide Industry Association. All the products manufactured by our company adheres to our own strict standards. From the selection of raw materials to manufacturing and shipping. we place everyone's safety and security as our top priority.


  • Additive-free soup stock (dashi) pack
  • Dried sardines
  • Dried Bonito Flakes (Kezuribushi), dried bonito
  • Seaweed, kelp, wakame seaweed
  • Furikake (Rice sprinkles)
  • Onigiri (Rice ball) ingredients, etc.
  • Shiitake mushrooms and dried products
  • Legume products
  • Others



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