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Additive-free soup stock (dashi) pack

We have a wide range of products that can be used for Japanese soup stock, noodles, simmered dishes, miso soup, etc.

Everyone from young to old can enjoy our products safely as all our products are derived from natural ingredients without any additive seasonings and preservatives .

Dried Small Fish

Our products range from "Dried Japanese Anchovy (Katakuchi Niboshi)" which is the most widely produced in Japan, "Dried Japanese Sardine (Hirako Niboshi)" , which has become rare in recent years, and high-grade fish "Dried Black Throat sea perch (Nodoguro no Niboshi)" to "Dried Sea Bream (Tai no Niboshi)".

You can use the above to make soup base for miso soup, noodles, hot pot, seafood-based soup stock, etc.

Dried Bonito flakes (Kezuribushi), dried bonito (katsuobushi)

Delicious and flavorful stock extracted from the Bonito Flakes (hanakatsuo), made from thinly shaved bonito flakes (without blood), tuna flakes (without blood) from Kagoshima Prefecture, and the flakes of dried Pufferfish/blowfish from Wajima Noto enables you to enjoy the taste of professional cooking in your very own home.

Seaweed, kelp, wakame seaweed

We use kelps such as ``Rausu konbu,'' said to be the highest quality kelp, collected on the southern coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula; high-quality ``Ma konbu,'' collected at Shiraguchi Beach in southern Hokkaido; seaweed such as ``Domestic Black Rose Nori'', which is specially processed from freshly harvested black seaweed; wakame seaweed such as ``Noto Suzu Natural Wakame'', which grows wild in the rocky area off the coast of Suzu, at the tip of the Noto Peninsula. These kelps and seaweed plays a very vital role in the taste of noodles, miso soup, ochazuke (rice with tea and seasoning), and soup stock.

Furikake (Rice sprinkles)

"Okaka kelp furikake", "Blowfish kelp furikake", "Additive-free grated yam kelp", "domestic green powder", etc., complements well with rice.

Onigiri (rice ball) ingredients, etc.

"Bonito flakes" can be used in rice balls, enjoyed with chilled tofu, ohitashi (boiled green vegetables), or boiled in tsukudani (boiled preserved food).

The gently and carefully dried in a modern cold-air drying room immediately upon arrival "Taiwanese Sakura Shrimp", has a strong sweet taste. The shrimps can be used in a wide variety of ways like sprinkle on kakiage (fried oyster), okonomiyaki (pan fried vegetable pancakes), fried rice, pasta, and salads. "

Shiitake mushrooms and dried products

Oita Donko Shiitake Mushrooms' thick and enjoyable texture, enable the mushrooms to absorb the flavors of the dish easily. The mushrooms are excellent companion with meat, fish, and vegetables dishes.

The precious domestic hijiki (thinly sliced dark seaweed), which is said to account for 20% of the distribution volume, is fluffy when cooked, and enables one to enjoy the rich aroma of the sea.

In addition, we also carry “Ryotei Kuzukiri” (arrowroot broad noodle) and “Frozen Tofu with Additive Free Dashi (soup stock)”.

Legume/beans products

Our beans are sorted and selected one by one by skilled workers, deoxygenated to maintain freshness and ensure good condition for delivery.


Shiratamako (refined glutinuous rice flour), soaked in cold water, forms a springy, smooth, soft and stretchy dough texture to enable the wrapping of bean paste with ease. The cute and classy Kyohana-fu (flower shaped wheat gluten), comprised of carefully selected ingredients and clean water are cooked in a thick earthen pot. This flower shaped wheat gluten adds color to New Year dishes, hot pot dishes, ozoni (New Year's dish containing rice cakes and vegetables) and soup.



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