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If you have request such as "I want to try this combination", "I want to make an original soup from scratch", "I want to have more fragrance", "I want to use higher quality", or "Is it possible to make delicious soup at low cost?" for udon, soba, ramen broth, simmered dishes, oden, hot pot, miso soup, soup, and other Japanese and Western dishes, we will try our best to meet your request as we have a wide variety of products and ingredients.

Small order are welcome. Please feel free to contact us.

Nakaya food About "Kitamaeya Division"

As one Japanese adage says, "In the old days, Kitamae vessel sailed over rough seas to bring specialty products from all over Japan to the capital". Even today, we at Nakaya Foods are doing likewise, bringing the specialty of the sea to you.

Nakaya Foods not only specializes in our own products and bonito flakes, we also deal in general dried goods ranging from agricultural, marine to processed natural ingredients. Our products are not sold in general supermarkets or mass retailer, but at food sections of department stores, high-end supermarkets, and specialty food stores.


The goodness of traditional Japanese meals is being reconsidered from the perspective of deliciousness and health. Dried foods have been created by the wisdom of our ancestors over the last few hundred years. Kitamaeya delivers traditional Japanese natural flavor and deliciousness.

Your satisfaction that comes from using our delicious products is our highest goal .

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Kitamaeya Division

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